Best Opposite Sex in Canada
Group IV in San Juan, PR
1st place in Atlanta, GA
BoB in Venezuela
Damien with handler Jennifer Bittner
winning his first points in Canada.
Thank you Judge Sandra Lex
Kim showing Damien to another first place
win from the Am-Bred Class at the Dogwood
Cluster in Atlanta, GA.
Thank you Judge Dawn Worley.
A very special thank you goes out to Teodoro
Alevalo. He recognized
Damien's talent &
showed him for me to earn his Venezuelan
CH. Thank you very much Judge Hans van
den Berg for awarding Damien Best of Breed
Jennifer showing Damien after winning Best
of Breed in San Juan, PR. To win BoB is no
easy task but to win it under Dorothy Nichols
is a major accomplishment.
Bahamian CH
March 2008 Kim & I went back to the
Bahamas to complete Damien's CH.
Judge Ray Smith of Canada loved
Damien so much he awarded him his
Bahamian CH, Best of Breed and
Group 1!
Best Male Puppy
Damien earning 2005 USRC SE Regional Best
Male Puppy! His sister Aruska vom Drakkenfels
won Best Female Puppy at the show also!
UCI World Champion
October 2011 Damien earned his World CH! Thank you very
much to Judges Alberto Berrios, Robin Hug and Jean Pero.
Damien getting some exercise
Damien and Lucia
Damien and Lucia on his 7th Birthday
April 29, 2011
Damien at Indiana Dunes September 2012
Christmas 2012