Nico was my very first Rottweiler.
I got him from a very good friend of
mine. It didn't work out with him so
I got his brother Luke.
Nico's pedigree
Luke von Seymour
This is one of my favorite pictures of
Luke. It was right before a huge storm
was about to hit us. Luke was not a show
dog but he was an incredible working dog
on the Schutzhund field.
Luke's pedigree
Shiva earning SG3 at 1997 ARV SE Regionals
Franlynn's Raising Cain, CGC           
Shiva was my first show dog. I got
her from another very good friend
Kim Cardona of vom Drakkenfels.   
Shiva's pedigree    
Shiva Malika and Luke
Schon Kraftig von Zimmhaus, CGC
I call this picture The Three
Musketeers. Luke, Malika & Shiva spent
everyday all day together.
Malika's pedigree
Sometimes people have to go through several dogs until they get the right dog for them.  
They each had a very special place in my heart. They had the true Rottweiler spirit. Very
loving to everybody. I miss you guys very much!
Multi V1, FCI Swedish CH, UCI National & International CH
Hodeva Agazi
MH, TJH, BH, CD, RN, TT, CGC, Korad
This picture was taken on Agazi's 13th Birthday
The last Ken vom Schwaiger Wappen son in the world
Agazi's 13th Birthday