January 2008: News
On the January  circuit at Clearwater Kennel Club's All Breed & Obedience show in Brooksville, FL I
entered Damien for his final leg towards his CD. I got there early that day so I could get the
opportunity to watch some of the other competitors. Some of the training that went into their dogs is
outstanding. I saw one young lady competing with a Standard Poodle in Open & Utility. She passed
both classes with flying colors. As I was waiting to go in the ring, Damien's breeder came by to say hi
on her way to the conformation ring. As we were about to walk in the ring Kim walks away.  The Judge
recognized this & let us take a breather. Couple minutes later we went in the ring for our routine. We
finished our pattern then went back in for sits & downs. During the long sit & down Damien relaxed
and earned his third & final leg towards his CD with a 2nd place finish. A very special thank you goes
out to Judge Edward Haas.

February 2008:
On Feb. 1st Damien & I went out to compete in Highway Schutzhund Club's trial in Groveland, FL for
Damien's BH. There were seven dogs entered for their BH. The weather was perfect that night. I must
say Damien was up for the challenge and gave me a wonderful birthday present by passing his BH.

The following weekend we went out to Central Florida Rottweiler Klub's USRC Rottweiler Select Show
& BST. The show was held at Schutzhund Club of Orlando's field in Oviedo. On Saturday the 9th at the
end of the day after all the puppies & youth dogs were finished competing it was time for the BST
dogs. It was Damien & Gir vom Haus Milsped. Both of us passed our BST! Thank you very much ADRK
Judge Dieter Hoffman.

The following day on Sunday the 10th I took Agazi to Sarasota Dog Training Club in St Petersburg to
start on his CD & RN titles. At the tender young age of 9.5 years old Agazi stepped into the AKC OB
ring for the very first time & walked away with first place for his CD & 3rd place for his RN. A couple
weeks later I took Agazi up to Valdosta, GA with Amanda Hoskinson & her dog Carla von Haus Anin to
compete in the Seminole Rottweiler Club's OB portion of their show. Judge Gregory Feathers had
Agazi and another dog compete in a runoff for first place. Again Agazi showed them how it was
supposed to be done & walked away with first place in both his CD & RN classes for his second legs
in both areas. Amanda did very well with Carla & earned her first leg towards her CD. A few days later
we stayed in town to compete at the Orlando Dog Training Club's AKC OB & Rally trial. Guess what
folks Agazi earned his third & final legs for his CD & RN. We missed first place for his CD by 1 point.

The same weekend as the Orlando trial I sent Damien with Kim to Clearwater to finish up his UKC CH.
Damien entered the ring & when the smoke cleared he earned 1st place, Winners Male, Best of
Winners, Best of Breed, Group III, & his UKC CH. Thank you very much Kim for handling Damien to his
UKC CH. It was a very good month for us, 5 titles between Damien & Agazi.

March 2008:
Last year when Kim & I went to the Bahamas to start on his CH we met a very nice couple Neil & Liz
Williams that lives there locally in Nassau. They have a very nice male Rottie as well. That weekend we
split the points so we had to return to the Bahamas for another vacation oops I mean dog show. It is
absolutely gorgeous over there. So we went back to the Bahamas to finish up Damien's CH. As luck
would have it both Damien & Diesel completed their Bahamian CH's.

The following weekend Kim and Damien headed up to Jacksonville, NC to compete in Sina Norris's
club Eastern Carolina Rottweiler Klub. Damien was entered in the Working Class & earned V-4 under
FCI Judge Chantal Delafontaine of Belgium.

May 2008:
The first weekend of May I took Damien to San Juan, Puerto Rico to compete for his FCI International
CH. Last year when I took him to Maracaibo, Venezuela Teodoro Arevalo showed Damien for me
earning his Venezuelan CH, 2 CACIB's and 2 CACLAB's. Having earned those points they count
towards future titles. CACIB's are only awarded at International Shows & go towards the FCI Int'l CH.
CACLAB's go towards an FCI Latin American CH. Day 1 of the show Damien earned V-1, Best of Breed,
CAC, CACIB, CACLAB, and CACPB. The last one counts towards his FCI Pan American CH. Day 2 he
earned V-1, Best of Breed, CAC, CACIB, CACLAB, CACPB. Earning 2 CAC's Damien earned his Puerto
Rican CH also earned his FCI International CH and his Latin American CH. Day 3 he again earned V-1,
Best of Breed, CAC, CACIB, CACLAB, CACPB. Since Damien won Best of Breed all 3 days he also
earned his Grand Puerto Rican CH. From mid January of this year through the FCI show in Puerto Rico
Damien has earned 9 titles.

This years USRC Nationals was held at Kentucky Downs Race Track in Bowling Green, KY. I had the
pleasure of showing and winning 2008 USRC National Best Male Puppy with Lois Boling's dog L and L
Guns n Roses V Kayara. AKA "Axle". Axle has a very bright future ahead of him. I'm looking forward to
winning more shows with him.

August 2008:
On the 24th I took Damien to the Dog Training Club of St Pete in St Petersburg to start on his Rally
Advanced title. Damien is always ready to do what I ask of him. We earned his first leg towards his RA.
He is such an amazing dog. I am very proud of him.

September 2008:
I am very pleased to announce that today Sept 8th I received confirmation from the FCI that Damien is
the first American bred male Rottweiler to have earned an FCI International CH!!!!  
Sept 17 Damien & Bea's litter was born with 5 males and 3 females. All of the puppies are healthy &
doing well.

The weekend of September 27-28 I entered Damien in an AKC show in Columbia, SC. I took Agazi along
with us so he could keep Damien company. Both days of the show Damien earned Winners Dog & Best
of Winners for 1 point each day. He now has 9 points with 1 major.

October 2008:
The following weekend the 4th & 5th after Damien won his points in SC we competed at the Orlando
Dog Training Club's OB & Rally Trial in Orlando. The first day Damien earned 95 points towards his
second leg. The next day he was a bit side tracked by the hot dogs they put in food bowls on the
ground as a distraction but we still managed to earn his third & final leg for his RA.

Since I got such an amazing deal on my plane ticket to Canada I decided to enter Damien in a few
shows to try & complete his CH. The 11th-14th we were in Welland, Ontario. On the first day we won
Winners Dog and Best of Breed for 2 points under Judge Sandy Gelinas. The second day we got 2nd
place. Day 3 & 4 were the same 1st Place from the Open Class and Reserve Winners Dog. We still
need 2 points to finish Damien's Canadian CH so when I go back it will be with him & his daughter
Lucia. Who knows maybe I'll do his CD & TD in Canada.

I got back late from Canada around midnight on the 14th. We didn't have much time to rest so I had to
get Damien ready for another show. I took Damien along with Kim's dogs Elfie, Krista & Kara to the
MARK show in Mooresville, NC. The Judge was Yvonne Brink of Sweden. She is very knowledgeable
about our breed. She also knows Agazi and his father Ken vom Schwaiger Wappen very well. Day one
I showed Lois Boling & Clarissa Daniels dog L and L Dixielands Rowde Mann in the 18-24 Month Class.
We earned V-1 & Youth Sieger. In the 4-6 Month puppy bitch class Amanda showed Kara taking the
top spot of VP-1 followed up by myself with Kara's sister Krista earning VP-2. Next up was Kara &
Krista's half sister Jarci vom Drakkenfels who ran down a VP-4 in a very tough class.
Day two it was Damien's turn to shine in the Working Class. He was really fired up on his way to
winning V-1. Next up was Open Bitches. I showed Judith Kalcick's dog Konnenstaltz Ice von Bravo to
V-2. Last but not least was Kim's dog Elfie. I really enjoy showing her. She has such high ball drive it
makes it all that much easier to show her. Elfie has such incredible movement it feels like she is
floating on air when she runs. With movement like hers its hard not to give her V-1 from the Working
Class. I showed Damien in the Working Class earning V-1.

November 2008:
This years AIRK Nationals was held by SARK in Charleston, SC with Judge Bill Alexander officiating.  
First up was Bernard Nesmith's puppy Port City's Teddy Bear. Out of 9 dogs in the Class Teddy & I
earned VP-2 in the 6-9 month males. Next was Lois's boy Axle that I won Best Male Puppy with in KY.
We were hoping to win National Youth Sieger but had to settle for SG-2 in a very difficult 12-18 month
class. After the lunch break and a much needed rest from Axle's Class the female classes started. In
the 6-9 Class was another of Bernard's dogs Port City Kate vom Rivendell. That was another large
class with 12 entries. Kate had to compete against Damien's niece Jarci. This was a tough class with
Kate earning VP-4 along with Jarci earning VP-1 and National Best Female Puppy.

Day two was for the adults. First up was Jerry's dog Am CH West Wind Excellent Blue Boy aka "Blue".
We had to compete against the 2006 USRC National Sieger Herbie vom Grutenblick and the 2007 AIRK
National Sieger, Am CH Darkstarr's Chrome von Dietrich. Joe Preteroti does an excellent job showing
Chrome and rightfully deserved V-1 and 2008 National Sieger. Followed by Herbie earning V-2 and
Blue showing to a V-3. Blue's owner Jerry Sampson who also owned Blue's father Brito OD
Dragicevica really liked the way I showed Blue that he is going to let me show him from now on in
Sieger shows. Damien was next in the Working Class. The Judge didn't see things the same way as 2
weeks earlier in NC. This time around we earned SG-2. As the old saying goes they saved the best for
last. I showed Amy vom Port City in the Working Class. She earned V-1 and went on to win National

After taking a 2 week break we headed back to SC. This time to Sam McKenzie's Carolina Working
Rottweiler Klub in Chester. The President of the IFR Dirk Vandecasteele judged the Males and his
wife Kathleen judged the Females. Dirk does an excellent job judging & explains his final placements
in detail. This is the same field that in 2005 Damien & his sister Arushka won USRC SE Regional Best
Puppy. Lois brought Axle for me to show in the 12-18 class. This was a large and very tough class with
Axle earning SG-2.     
Kim's double trouble Kara & Krista were in the 6-9 month class. Krista showed to a VP while her sister
earned VP-4.

The next day Damien was entered in the CH Class and earned a well deserved V-2. Dirk was the Judge
for Damien's AD on his second birthday so he knew Damien could run for long distance with no
problem. Next up was the Working Class. I showed Caruso vom Kummelsee to a V-1. Caruso is a large
substantial dog with impeccable movement. He has a very promising future considering he is only 2
years old. Elfie was in the Open Class after the lunch break. Kim showed her to V-4.

December 2008:
12/5: Since Agazi loves to work all the time I decided to enter him for his BH in Connie Johnson's Top
Dawg Shutzhund Club Trial in Plant City. We were the last group for the night. As the old saying goes
they saved the best for last which was Agazi & I. We breezed thru the OB portion with his lighting fast
recall. Then it was on to the traffic portion. After it was all said & done 5 dogs including us passed
their BH tonight.